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Every person has the right to healthy sexuality, to love and to have pleasure, regardless of their age, religion, gender, culture, type of family, background, sexual preference, difficulties or disabilities. People with special needs have the right to love and be loved, the right to actualize their sexuality according to their choice and to create meaningful and intimate relationships.


Gabi's Story is about educating and promoting sexual health amongst young people with special needs, such as Autism and Intellectual Disabilities. The app. helps teachers and parents communicate, mediate and teach proper, healthy and socially acceptable sexual behaviors. The themes are based on everyday situations and are accustomed to those who think in special ways.

During my work with people with special needs and disabilities in the past 16 years, I have come to notice that sexual education is an ongoing process that occurs all the time and everywhere. Sexual educators are the parents, educational staff, friends, community, the media and actually- everyone. Promoting sexual health for people with special needs is a responsibility that lies with their surroundings. With that said, most caretakers and educators do not have the knowledge or the tools to do so.


Gabi's Story app consists of 10 topics, such as private and public behavior, getting to know my body, using the bathroom, relationships, courtship, adolescence and masturbation. Each topic contains contents for boys or girls and can be learned through animation, a slideshow and a final exercise. In addition, there are guiding tips and the user can build their own personal story. the phrases are simple, clear, explicit and accurate and the design is clear and precise in order to avoid distractions. The integrated learning process provides a successful and positive experience for the user.

Today the app is available on AppStore and the text and vocals are in Hebrew. We are working on an English translation

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